A hint of nostalgia

One of my favorite toys growing up was my red view-master. It was a toy that little brothers didn’t play with because the reels needed to be handled gently. We had reels with everything from Disney movies to photos of the Grand Canyon. I was shopping this week at one of my favorite stores in town and came across a box of old reels and it brought back tons of fun memories.

Image3D was started in 1997 by the man behind the pictures. Rich Dubnow was the photographer for the reels we had as children in our view-masters. Not only can you glance back at those old reels that you have tucked away in the attic or come across at a thrift shop, you can now make your own reels to remember those special moments in your life.

Image3D allows you to make your own custom reels to include your personal memories and you can choose your view-master color too! The view-master are available in white, black, royal and classic red.