Sweet as it gets: Sugarwish

This is officially my favorite day of #blogtember. Why you ask, because it involves candy of course. If you read a few days back on the subject of comfort, you know I have a horrible sweet tooth. I still eat sweets even though I am going healthier, I have just had to reteach my brain that it was a food to eat with emotion. Blah Blah, on to the sugar! When it comes to candy, I’m kind of a hot mess, I’m not choosy, I love it all. This has to be my favorite product review of all time!

If you haven’t heard of Sugarwish you are seriously missing out. So to get started you first have to decide whether you are going to send someone a Sugarwish gift, or send YOURSELF a Sugarwish! Once you have determined that very important fact, you are going to want to had over to their website and decide which wish you are going to send, the petite, the classic or the ultimate. Once you make your selection and confirm it you get to pick out an adorable e-card to send. They have everything from Holidays, Just Because, Congrats and I’m Sorry.

I was feeling Fall Festive and got this adorable Trick or Treat card! I even ordered most of those yummy Fall candies pictured. Your e-card will arrive with a code to enter into their super user friendly website and then the magic happens. You get to choose which yummy candies you want to be included in your Sugarwish. Easy breezy, next thing you know you have a beautifully packaged box of your favorite candy delivered to your doorstep.  So bottom line is you are gonna love this, yes the amazing folks at Sugarwish sent me my own wish to taste review, but seriously I don’t mess around about candy and that is the truth. I can’t wait to send one to a friend!