Sweet as it gets: Sugarwish

This is officially my favorite day of #blogtember. Why you ask, because it involves candy of course. If you read a few days back on the subject of comfort, you know I have a horrible sweet tooth. I still eat sweets even though I am going healthier, I have just had to reteach my brain […]

A hint of nostalgia

One of my favorite toys growing up was my red view-master. It was a toy that little brothers didn’t play with because the reels needed to be handled gently. We had reels with everything from Disney movies to photos of the Grand Canyon. I was shopping this week at one of my favorite stores in […]

Support Local: Eat more pretzels

A few months back I volunteered at BlogHer Food here in Austin. It was an amazing conference, I learned a lot about food (cool since I don’t cook much) talked with some great brands and met lots of new friends. While attending an event at Whole Foods I had the pleasure of meeting Hilary. Hilary has quite a story and […]

A color plus event: I heart Lamp

While in San Francisco for Alt Summit I received an invite to attend an event at Lamps Plus. As I read the email I thought, surely this came to the wrong personal, I’m not cool enough to get invites to extra cool events. News to me, but I am cool enough and the invite really […]