A color plus event: I heart Lamp

While in San Francisco for Alt Summit I received an invite to attend an event at Lamps Plus. As I read the email I thought, surely this came to the wrong personal, I’m not cool enough to get invites to extra cool events. News to me, but I am cool enough and the invite really was mine {I sported my I Love Lamp sticker all day}.

Lamps Plus was inviting bloggers to come out and see their awesome new line, Color Plus, the event hosted by Anne Sage, was awesome. We had a chance to hear all about the new line and see hear how each lamp is assembled to by hand when you order it.

It was also a great opportunity to connect with some of the amazing men and women from the conference at a smaller event. I really love some of the bloggers I met during Alt SF. Michael Murphy of Michael Murphy Design was one of my favorite new bloggers to meet. He was so awesome and I feel like I’ve known him forever. Thank you Michael and Ivette for including me in your awesome event!

With the recent room revamp this past weekend, I am in desperate need of amazing lighting pieces. The Color Plus line is perfect and so simple to order from. The hardest part is choosing from the hundred plus color options. Start with picking the base of the lamp, then the style and color, top it off with one of their amazing shades and you have your perfect Color Plus piece.

These two are headed my way, one for the new sewing studio and one for the new guest bedroom. Anne Sage designed my perfect lamp so that was easy to chose, but the studio lighting was a lot harder.