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Sweet as it gets: Sugarwish

This is officially my favorite day of #blogtember. Why you ask, because it involves candy of course. If you read a few days back on the subject of comfort, you know I have a horrible sweet tooth. I still eat sweets even though I am going healthier, I have just had to reteach my brain […]

A hint of nostalgia

One of my favorite toys growing up was my red view-master. It was a toy that little brothers didn’t play with because the reels needed to be handled gently. We had reels with everything from Disney movies to photos of the Grand Canyon. I was shopping this week at one of my favorite stores in […]

Support Local: Eat more pretzels

A few months back I volunteered at BlogHer Food here in Austin. It was an amazing conference, I learned a lot about food (cool since I don’t cook much) talked with some great brands and met lots of new friends. While attending an event at Whole Foods I had the pleasure of meeting Hilary. Hilary has quite a story and […]

The business cards of Alt Summif SF

While it is one of the most stressful parts of planning, it is also one of my favorite, business cards. So bring simple, elegant, basic. Others go fancy and dress it up with letterpress and goodies attached. I thought it over and over trying to decide what I wanted to do to make my cards […]

A color plus event: I heart Lamp

While in San Francisco for Alt Summit I received an invite to attend an event at Lamps Plus. As I read the email I thought, surely this came to the wrong personal, I’m not cool enough to get invites to extra cool events. News to me, but I am cool enough and the invite really […]